Epilepsy Ottawa is a non for profit organization that gives support to people with epilepsy in the Ottawa area. They wanted a simple yet fun way of helping to spread awareness of epilepsy to the public. This infographic which is designed for both English and French languages is a perfect way of doing so. It has different sections on it including the definition of epilepsy, how many people are affected by epilepsy, what a seizure is, how to help someone if they are having a seizure and the organizations contact information. The design is fun and simple, incorporating all of Epilepsy Ottawa’s colours, their logo, easy to read fonts and understandable graphics. After designing the infographic for Epilepsy Ottawa, other epilepsy organizations across Canada wanted a version for themselves too. We stuck with the same look, feel, colours and text but changed logos, contact information and some statistics to match the location of each place. Feedback from the redesign was extremely positive – not many areas had a simple graphic to help educate people on epilepsy and it worked out perfectly. This just proves that the design for Epilepsy Ottawa’s infographic is simple, straight to the point yet also pleasing to the eye and helped out with the awareness of epilepsy across the country.