Prohibition shook America’s foundation. It turned men into mobsters, drove ladies to lawlessness and transformed bootleggers into heroes. Big House wines are inspired by these bootleggers, who helped bring Prohibition to an end and paid their dues in the Big House. This was the inspiration for Big Houses’ new point of purchase display for their canned wines.

Currently, displays for Big House wines, specifically the cans, are not very interesting or innovative in anyway. Customers usually don’t notice them and frequently walk past them. This fresh, new design will change this. As I have stated before, there wasn’t a specific point-of-purchase display that had already been done that inspired me to create this design – I did say that I liked the idea of having it be sort of dirty and more prison like but all of that changed throughout the process of creating this display. The concept behind the design is actually quite simple – take the Big House aka prison they have illustrated on most of the canned wines and make that the display. Where the windows are on the prison will be the slots for the individual wine cans and at the bottom will be larger slots for packs of 4 cans. The display itself will not be complex with a lot of words or slogans, it will just be the simplified illustration, one of the characters that are found on each bottle and the company’s logo with a bold colour pallet to top it all off. This way it will make more of an impact on the customer and they will want to find out what it is about. It can be made out of cardboard or painted wood to make it less costly for the company so that they can have multiple displays in various stores. Although this type of display is not necessarily extremely innovative, I do think that it is very unique to this product and, with all of the elements combined, does make an eye-catching display for Big Houses’ canned wines.


Current Display