This is my redesign for Always Ultra Thin pads. I focused my redesign on the ability to recycle and reuse the packaging. The purse like box was designed to hold all of the elements but is stylized and simple to help it stand out from the rest of the competitors. The idea behind the graphic design of the packaging was to make it discrete but fashionable. Like a good accessory, Always’ new packaging completes a woman’s look. The necessary information about the brand, type of pad and number of pads that are in a package are all at the front while detailed information is at the back and sides. This same concept is carried out on the reusable pad holder that each package comes with. It has the same design as the box and contains a diagram and steps on how to use the pad on the back. Each pad wrapper has an inconspicuous design that detracts any attention to the wrapper itself, making it discrete. This newly redesigned packaging for Always Ultra Thin pads is recyclable, reusable, eye catching and is a step forward in the design for sanitary pads.

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